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‘"When you are in the middle of a story it isn't a story at all, but only a confusion; a dark roaring, a blindness, a wreckage of shattered glass and splintered wood; like a house in a whirlwind, or else a boat crushed by the icebergs or swept over the rapids, and all aboard powerless to stop it. It's only afterwards that it becomes anything like a story at all. When you are telling it, to yourself or to someone else." M Atwood (1996)

Your story: it matters. isn't over yet; 


Hi, I'm Amrit. I am a qualified and accredited Specialist Counsellor/Psychotherapist with a Masters degree in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling attained in 2010. I recently completed a post-graduate certificate in Trauma at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

My clinical work is currently within the NHS (The Havens, a sexual assault referral centre) and formerly within the prison service, detention centres and various mental health charities including the Terrence Higgins Trust and Women and Girls Network . I am at present pursuing a Clinical Supervision course at Metanoia Institute .

I run a private psychotherapy practice from my home in north London.

I work with various experiences of pain, from loss (including self-worth) to loneliness and isolation; shame and self-loathing that often arise within the complexities of intimate relationships; seeking ultimately to find meaning in what can be quite a confusing and chaotic world. Together I will work with you to understand yourself, to make sense of your experiences with others along with looking at what it means to be alive in the world in which we live. .

I have a deep vested passion and experience in working with trauma including PTSD in the aftermath of rape and violence giving voice to the lived experiences that follow.

Susan J. Brison in her powerful book Aftermath (Violence and the Remaking of a Self) describes this process succinctly...

"the tension between living to tell and telling to live, that is, between getting (and keeping) the story right in order to bear witness and being able to rewrite the story in ways that enable the survivor to go on with her (or his) life."

I see and acknowledge each of my clients as an individual human being with their own unique lived experiences and therefore my therapeutic approach is more integrative so that I am able to meet my client, where they are, in their world. I draw from a number of diverse integrative psychotherapy approaches and styles including my own core training in Existential Therapy, Compassionate Focused and Person Centred. I feel an integrative psychotherapy way of working is an important aspect of the work I do, as simply put, one shoe size does not fit all.

I have a safe space for my clients where I sit and really listen to what you need to say (and sometimes to what isn't). My aim is to help you, via a healing therapeutic alliance, to seek clarity; to reclaim your power and sense of control; to re-establish your self-worth and make choices you need to make so that you feel more alive.

Practical details
I practice from my first floor maisonette in North London, N21. There is a rail station close to me (approx. a 7 minute walk) and plenty of buses nearby that will take you to the closest tube within 5 minutes. If you are driving there is usually space for parking on the road. If you have mobility issues please do talk about it with me when we first speak as I do not have disabled access.

My fees
My current fees are £50 for a 50-minute session. I offer some spaces at a lower cost. I have a 24 hour cancellation policy; which works both ways i.e. if you cancel in less than 24 hours you will be charged for the session and if I need to cancel (due to an emergency) I will offer you a replacement session.

My commitment
I will be here for you. I will stay. I will listen and support you. And I can and want to help.

Questions before we start
Please just ask. No question is irrelevant.

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