Amrit Sagoo MBACP (reg.); MNCS (accred.) Psychotherapy and Counselling in North London

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“Neuroscience research shows that the only way we can change the way we feel is by becoming aware of our inner experience and learning to befriend what is going inside ourselves.” Bessel van der Kolk

Hi, I'm Amrit. I'm a qualified and accredited Specialist Counsellor with a MA degree in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling attained in 2010. I've recently completed a post-graduate certificate in Trauma at the Tavistock and Portman NHS and am studying towards a Doctorate in Psychotherapy studies.

I have worked within the prison service and detention centres, the homeless, refugees and the health service. I now work as a Specialist Counsellor at The Havens, a sexual assault referral centre, at the King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

I work with various existential challenges and pain be it relationships, sorrow, abuse, violation, self-harm and addictions to wanting to make sense of life and what it means to be alive. I have a specialist interest and knowledge in working with Trauma, and its aftermath namely post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and dissociation resulting from violence/abuse.

I sit and really listen to my clients. I offer them a safe and trusting space and help them via a healing therapeutic alliance to seek clarity over their current challenges; to reclaim the power and control back for themselves; re-establish their self-worth and help her clients take the next steps feeling empowered and able to live their lives better.

When I have a free moment or two I enjoy long walks, slowing down and "just be-ing", films, books and meaningful conversations with loved ones. I understand the importance of self-care, of really nurturing ourselves in the best way we can and know how.

Trauma: how do I work?
I work by breaking down complex neuroscience jargon and making it accessible in a simple way with my clients as trauma affects people in different ways and for some, the symptoms take weeks, months or even years to surface. In therapy I work with my client to make sense of what they have been through and where they are right now. I look to process their fragmented traumatic memories so that these traumatic memories get process and are then 'filed away' in the back brain. When this happen, flashbacks stop; hyperventilating ceases. You begin to feel more in control of your life.

~~ No intervention that takes power away from the survivor can possibly foster her recovery, no matter how much it appears to be in her own best interests. Judith Herman, Trauma & Recovery ~~

What to expect in your first session
We meet for our first session in the space I will have for you. I will ask you a few questions if I feel I need to, to help open the session as such. In these session, you would take the lead to explore issues of concern. And I will listen completely with the intention of meeting you in your world and your lived-experience. From my point of view as therapist, I am not trying to “reflect feelings.” I am trying to determine whether my understanding of my client’s inner world is correct — whether I am seeing it as he or she is experiencing it at this moment. You don’t need to have a list or an agenda for the first session or for any sessions with me for that matter. Having worked with many clients I have complete faith that all that needs to be talked about and looked at, will come to the surface naturally and ask for the attention it deserves. So don’t worry about expectations for your first session. Just turn up. And we will take it from there.

Practical details
I practice from my first floor maisonette in Winchmore Hill. The closest rail station is Winchmore Hill, approx 7 minute walk (average speed), nearest tube is Southgate (Piccadilly line) – from the tube station you can catch the W9 bus which will bring you directly in front of my flat. There are many buses that come close to where I am. I am located on Hoppers Road itself and there’s usually space for parking on the road. If you have mobility issues please do talk about it with me when we first speak.

My commitment
I will be here for you. I will stay. I will listen. I stick around. I am not easily scared. And I will want to help.

My fees
My current fees are £50 for a 50-minute session for individual therapy; £75 for two.

I offer some spaces at a lower cost.

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy; which works both ways i.e. if you cancel in less than 24 hours you will be charged for the session and if I need to cancel (due to an emergency) I will offer you a replacement session.

I also offer sessions via Skype or telephone if that suits you better.

Questions before we start
Please just ask. No question is irrelevant.

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